Krav Maga (in Hebrew: close combat) is an Israeli method of self-defence centred on effectiveness.

The realism of its techniques made this formidable discipline esteemed by the professionals of security services, police squads, soldiers and intervention squads of numerous countries. Here in Switzerland, too, the army and certain police units have adopted this discipline. Now, Krav Maga is growing beyond these circles because it provides a fitting answer to street violences. As it is based on simple and effective movements which require no particular physical competence, Krav Maga is increasingly valued by men and women of any ages. Krav Maga not only teaches you how to defend yourself effectively, it is also an excellent way to excel yourself.

You will overcome difficulties, refuse to give up and go beyond your limits during the training. Learning and practicing effective techniques will also bring a feeling of security, increased confidence in your own capacity and self-control. As the man who brought Krav Maga to Europe, Richard Douieb, says, “The person who has a sincere approach to the Martial Arts will bring out the best in themselves as well as the ability to defend themselves faced with a physical attack or faced with the multiple aggressions of daily life.”

Source text: FSKM