Krav Maga includes two main parts: self-defence and close-combat.
The self-defence is the frame of the discipline. It is defined as a set of techniques, developping precise answers to specific attacks. An aggressor can be quickly neutralized, with a minimum of risks, thanks to series of techniques, responding specifically to the type of aggression that he commits. Krav Maga self-defence offers parries to a large number of threats and attacks, made with bare hands (constrictions, knocks, seizures) as well as with a weapon (knife, stick).
Close-combat constitutes a more advanced phase of the discipline. Krav Maga teaches combinations of attacks and defences, tactics, feints, allowing to neutralize quickly and effectively one or several opponents in diverse situations of fight.

Logically, the training has to allow the student to master self-defence and close-combat at once. Obviously, a regular training only will allow to acquire the necessary reflexes to be likely to defend himself effectively.
A practice includes generally three phases: warm-up, technical work and fight.
The courses of Krav Maga take place in a studious and relaxed atmosphere. There is no ceremonial, like we can see in martial arts schools. Everybody practises seriously and respectfully.


Kravmaga3We attach big importance to the warm-up. It must be long and complete enough to prevent effectively any risk of wounds. The warm-up includes a physical work, including pull-ups, sit-ups, flexions as well as exercises of revision of techniques.
Even if the main purpose is to increase the power of the person, the physical work also allows to improve his mental resistance. Finish a series of pull-ups when the strengths begin to miss and when arms become painful requires willpower. In this way the student trains, not to give up when a situation becomes difficult for him.

Technical work

The technical work is the essential element of the training. It is practiced alone or, most of the time, with two persons. The purpose of technical work is to master self-defence and to tackle close-combat with serenity.
In Krav Maga, we learn to face numerous types of attacks: kicks and punches, seizures, constrictions, knife or stick threats and attacks or pistol threats. The first reflex is essential. The exercises are trained in various rhythms, from slow motion to real speed. To avoid at most the risks of wound and since the students may, to be realistic, really give certain knocks, it is obligatory to carry a jockstrap. We also recommend to the students to wear kneepads and shinpads. The training dress is white T-shirt, black kimono pants and sports shoes.
To prepare for close-combat fight, the student drills different types of punches, studies the feet-fists sequences and exercises his power, his precision and his speed on bags held by his partner.


Following the example of the European Federation, the Swiss Federation considers that the fight is an indispensable exercise to learn to defend yourself effectively. The fight allows the student to train his sequences of movements, his parries, his physical resistance, his resistance to the knocks, to evaluate the distances, the movements or even the “instant look”. He also learns to master his fear. A defence cannot be sufficient if, after a release for example, we do not know how to give knocks with strength, precision and good attitude of fight.
The learning and the training to fight is mainly made with a moderated strength (in agreement with the partner). We call this “supple fight”, made with all the necessary protections. An adequate equipment protects the student: jockstrap, kneepads, shinpads, gum-shields and boxing gloves. The fights are made also with bare hands, without giving the knocks and with an adequate rhythm. The hard fights are reserved for the advanced students. In every case, accidents are extremely rare. In our point of view, there are almost no risk of wounds in practicing Krav Maga. Even fights have an educational purpose, since the girls practice them without problem.

Equipement for Krav Maga

equipementOpposite, you have an outline of the equipment that you will need to practice Krav Maga.
The first indispensable equipment is: Official T-shirt and pants, jockstrap for men as well as for women (adapted models exist for both sexes). Boxing gloves (minimum 12 oz), gum-shield and appropriate sports shoes (adapted to indoor sports) are necessary. We also advise to wear shinpads, specially made for Martial Arts (different from those used in soccer).
“Volleyball type” kneepads can be worn to reduce scratches during the floor work (falls, roll-overs etc.).
Your instructors can advise you about the way to get these protections.
After some months of training, it will be necessary to acquire a rubber knife as well as a training stick.
The jump rope is also a part of our courses programs, the models with ball-bearings are preferable to the climbing ropes.
The rest of the necessary equipment is given by the teachers according to the needs of the course.

Texte source: FSKM